TSM Gift Set 5 - The Story Merchants
TSM Gift Set 5 - The Story Merchants
TSM Gift Set 5 - The Story Merchants
TSM Gift Set 5 - The Story Merchants
TSM Gift Set 5 - The Story Merchants
TSM Gift Set 5 - The Story Merchants
TSM Gift Set 5 - The Story Merchants

Bunny Treasure Hunt Box+ Spin A Story

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This Gift Set consists of our The Bunny Treasure Hunt Box along with our favourite bestseller card game Spin-a-Story is the best gift for a child 2-6 years of age, just at Rs.600.


This Gift Set consists of :


Bunny Treasure Hunt Box

Sending you 'eggstra' love always.Read the lovely Bunny story, Make your own DIY Bunny Puppet craft, Paint your Eggs and put them in water to watch them hatch. Read the cute secret messages sent by the Bunny, enjoy blindfolding your child and playing the game - Pin the carrot on the Bunny’s mouth game. Help the bunny find his way and complete the bunny’s trail. The Most adventurous and exciting is the Treasure Hunt Card Game – The 12 treasure hunt clues are all set to entertain your tots and have them running around the house to find the eggs or candy and make it exciting! Have an Eggin' good time this Lockdown with our wonderfully designed Bunny Treasure Hunt Box with playful activities for your young ones. What is more - You can even personalize it by writing your child’s name on the box and surprise them with it!

Warning -Too Much Fun!!!

Key Skills
• Hypothesizing
• Pretend Play
• Cognitive Development
• Creativity & Imaginative Skills
• Fine Motor Skills

1. Paint the eggs and watch them hatch
2. Pin the Carrot Poster Game
3. Treasure Hunt Clue Game
4. Easter Story
5. Bunny Maze
6. DIY Bunny Puppet Making

2) Spin A Story

Create your own stories with the help of story cards and your little ones do all the talking! The story cards the ultimate way to build up your child’s vocabulary and storytelling abilities in a fun, cool game. The deck contains 90 picturesque and attractive story cards for kids and adults to weave magical stories in different genres and to serve as a fun educational activity to make your child a master storyteller. 

Wondering how to use the story cards? So, the 90 cards are divided into 3 sections, which are “WHO” “WHAT” AND “WHERE”. Let your kids mix and match the characters with the associated item and the location and tell tall tales as you sit back and have a laugh at the stories they concoct!

Contents: 90 story cards