Why memory skills are important to build from toddler stage?

Getting toddlers to enhance their memory can go a long way in assisting them in their lives. Given the benefits of playing memory games with toddlers, it’s important to play them regularly. They’ll also help you bond with your tot better while improving his memory skills. There’s no denying the fact that a good memory can help one excel in different spheres of one’s life. It’s important that one needs to work towards enhancing this skill in their toddler from a very young age. Doing it with games and play will make it much easier to learn.

You will be glad to know the benefits of playing memory games which are listed as follows :-

  1. Helps to Enhance Brain Functions –If someone plays a brain enhancing game daily, he/she can easily enhance brain skills, like attention level, concentration, focus, intellectual skills along with the reading and writing part of it. For memory games are developed with efforts to allow the human brain to think critically.


  1. Helps To Boost The Brain –As the level of the game increases everytime, you deal with a higher difficulty level that helps to boost the brain. Properly exercising your brain helps to reduce the memory loss too.


  1. Best Brain Exercise-Memory games are best brain exercises that exercise certain parts of the human body. Continuously playing these games makes human brain more sharp comparatively to that of those who don’t play games often. Well, the time duration is not that important, rather playing the same game continuously. Try to maintain consistency as you play the memory game.


  1. Memory Games Stimulate Your Minds-Playing memory games helps to respond immediately with no time to any kind of situation.


  1. Enhance Visual Discrimination-Training your visual memory is also important at the same time, for you to distinguish between two objects. You must immediately be able to find difference between pictures and not take too long time to identify things in normal time.


  1. Enhance Power Of Recognition-Power of recognition can be increased with the help of better memory games.


  1. Increase Short Memory- Researchhas found that people solving puzzles, crosswords, and playing card games deferred the attack of dementia.


  1. Improves Creativity-Flexibility is responsible for problem-solving and reasoning. Better problem solving, greater adaptability to change, and more creative thinking. While certain types of reasoning wants you to use the information in the problem to solve it, the other type is about detecting similarities and patterns in order to create new source of information.


  1. Teaches you Planning and Foresight-The area of the brain responsible for judgment, self-control, planning is enhanced more, if you jog your memory with memory games.


  1. Improve Vocabulary-Memory games push you to recall objects which push you to name them and enhance your vocabulary at the same time.


There are so many benefits to these simple memory games for all. Keeping this in mind, we have launched the BEST MEMORY GAME of the decade – Memory Buzz. All you need to do is study the scenario card and then turn it over, roll the dice and start answering questions! Whoever collects the most cards wins! Ace your memory skills, sharpen those brain cells with Memory Buzz available at www.thestorymerchants.com


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