Why Believing in "SANTA CLAUS" is important for kids? By The Story Merchants

As Christmas holidays approach, Santa Claus is on the minds of many children across the country. Many parents' thoughts also drift there, but for different reasons. Parents of young children wonder whether they should promote the myth of the jolly old man in the red suit, while parents of older children wonder what they're going to say when their child asks for the truth.Here are all the reasons why believing in"SANTA CLAUS" is important as well as healthy for your kids-

Fond  Memories-

Everyone can look back and remember the good times during Christmas. Whether it was visiting Santa Claus at your local mall, writing letters with your siblings or cousins, and opening your presents from Santa Claus on Christmas morning. Everyone has a memory they can look back on and smile. Santa allows just that for children everywhere, these are the times that they will look back on. Those special memories aren't limited to the children of the world, Santa can create wonderful memories for adults too. If you're a parent, seeing your child get excited in the preparation of the Christmas Tree and wait for Santa all excited and smiling. That's probably one of the greatest memories a parent could have and that wouldn't happen if there was no Santa Claus.

Strong Imagination-

Believing the stories of Santa Claus requires a creative imagination on the child's part. It can't be easy to close your eyes and see a group of large reindeer leading a sleigh through the night sky with a large old man in red and a large bag of presents riding in it. Imagining Santa sliding down a small chimney that may or may not have a fire at the bottom is something that requires a remarkable amount of imagination. Having an imagination that big can be used for more that just imagining holiday figures, if a person develops a strong enough imagination they can imagine anything even the seemingly impossible

Motivation for Good Behavior-

Everybody knows about Santa's Naughty or Nice list. Whether they've heard about it from one of multiple songs, their family, or from a Christmas movie that list becomes a huge thought in a child’s mind as Christmas starts to come around the corner. The story goes that good little girls and boys that are on the nice list get the gifts that they asked Santa for whereas the boys and girls who made it onto the naughty list receive coal as punishment. Although this story typically is told to us in a catchy tune that we hum or by somebody we love and trust, for any child who believes in Santa this is a very big deal. By making their behavior directly affect the presents that they receive is a positive reinforcement and encourages that behavior in the long run even after their belief in Santa is long gone.

Emphasizes the Joys of Giving-

Santa is internationally recognized as a selfless giver and for the importance he places on giving to others. With events, such as exchanging presents between friends and family, or even just a game of Secret Santa. It's so important because the feeling you experience when you do something that causes joy to other people is just inexplicably  wonderful. Santa is a major symbol for giving but also because he reminds people that giving is a wonderful part of Christmas and more importantly life in general.

So, let your child believe in Santa as long as they can! After all, Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and it gives a warm fuzzy feeling to everyone. What could be more fun than sipping hot chocolate in your Christmas socks, listening to Jingle Bells and waiting for Santa’s sleigh to come with presents?

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