Importance of Scheduling for Moms

Scheduling is the art of planning your activities so that you can achieve your goals and priorities in the time you have available. When it's done effectively, it helps you work steadily toward your personal and career goals, have enough time for family and friends, exercise and other things you love. Mommies - you are all superwomen and you plan your time so effectively so that you can maximize on being there for your child, household chores and much much more. Here are some key pointers that help us to plan a schedule effectively that we hope it can help you -

  • Understand what you can realistically achieve with your time.
  • Make sure you have enough time for essential tasks.
  • Add contingency time for "the unexpected."
  • Avoid taking on more than you can handle.
  • Work steadily toward your personal and career goals.
  • Have enough time for family and friends, exercise and hobbies.
  • Achieve a good work-life balance

And we are in with the New Year and a new decade! Do you have resolutions? Well, those can be easily achieved if you are a stickler for scheduling on both the personal and professional front! Here are some tips and tricks! Go mom!

  1.  Schedule on Sundays! – Plan your week ahead – classes, playdates, birthdays, personal commitments, meal plans – all of it. I spend 2 hours every Sunday planning and it makes my week effortless and smooth. Do not forget to involve everyone in setting the schedule – your cook, your driver, your nanny, your mom, husband, mother-in-law or whoever else is going to be executing your plan. On the work front, I spend two hours planning the goals and targets for the week on Monday mornings at the Morning meeting – everything from social media plans to targets and content we plan to create during the week is decided on Monday mornings and the rest of the week is spent in working rather than figuring out what work to do when. 
  2.  Always be prepared for unexpected detours -   Because even the best planners encounter roadblocks, always have a contingency plan. That plan is usually Mommy! If the cook doesn’t show, order in. If the class doesn’t happen, reach out to a friend who’s child gets along with your child and happens to be available at home all the time and ask them to watch your child till you get home. If there is a holiday, get started on great Story Merchants games to keep your child entertained. (Shameless plug.) Have a back up plan in your mind or your planner ready to put into action so you can get your work done and be supermom all at the same time.
  3.  Vision Board to view your goals daily  - Make a vision board. People feel like it is an art and craft project but it really works. If you’re prepared with a solid plan and a realistic schedule, your goals will suddenly be more tangible. Now you can see the exact baby steps needed to get to your destination. Talking about your goal and viewing it daily will make you work harder for it and will make it come through. 
  4.  Everyone has to be on the Same Page - With a carefully crafted plan and schedule, you can get every member of your team on the same page. Expectations are clear and roles are clearly defined. Each team and team member knows when their part begins and ends. Target dates of completion for each segment is disseminated to everyone. Basically, everybody knows their part. This means less stress for you! Communication is key and if this is not done properly, you will be left fielding calls and coordinating all week long. Be efficient with the limited time we have in the day. 
  5.  Reminders! Finally, it isn’t enough to just make the schedule and inform everyone involved. Everyone needs a reminder. I spend 10 minutes every morning dishing out a to-do list (repetitive as it may be) to everyone (personal and professional) to make sure they knows what I need done that day and to make sure it hasn’t slipped from their memory.

Keeping our obsession with scheduling intact, we have launched the 2020 MOMMY STICKER CALENDER – it is effortless, simple, convenient and efficient to the point of precision. It helps organize your personal mommy life with ease and with the help of stickers! What could be more fun than that? More than anything, you get to schedule and plan with your child and help them understand the importance of scheduling, concepts of days, months and a deeper understanding of what they are doing daily. What is even better is that the stickers are graphic icons so everyone in the house can be on the same page! Get yours at www.thestorymerchants.com now!


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