Community Helpers And Why We Need To Educate Our Kids


Whenever children want something, the first thing they do is approach a parent or grandparent. But do they know there are people in their surroundings who are constantly present doing their work, which has created a sort of eco-system which helps in the smooth functioning of the things around us?

We would like to call this a “Neighbourhood Network“.

Our surroundings or neighborhood as we call it, comprises of different people who have taken up a job for profit, which comes with a responsibility and they perform it diligently every day. We call them Community Helpers.

Yes, they are truly helpers. The Doctor, Engineer, Architect, Lawyer, Policeman, Bus Driver, Train Driver, Solider, Teachers, Dentist, Shopkeepers, Doorman, Sweeper and many more as this list of helpers is endless. They all play different yet very important roles in the community and ameliorate and better our lives in many ways that go unnoticed and need to be pointed out to our children.

For instance, you always trust a doctor to give you the right medicines to cure your illness. A teacher who makes it a point to teach you the right things and instills the right values, and makes a school a home away from home.

The bus driver, who takes you and drops you off from school everyday is providing an important service of connectivity to the community. The traffic policeman who manages the traffic and disciplines vehicular movement, so that we all travel safely and reach our destinations on time and in an orderly fashion. The policeman maintains the law and order in society and catches criminals so we feel safe in the neighbourhood. A lawyer also helps people in the same way by fighting for justice and ensuring that there are checks and balances and that there are consequences for those who violate them.

There are many more people who are a part of this, from the person who cleans our surroundings, to the postman who delivers us our letters and communications to the librarian who dispenses our books and the fireman who risks his lives to save that of others…… the list is endless of those all who help us go about our daily routine.

It’s important for children to know and understand the people that surround us and how each one performs their task, and how important each one is. It will also help in understanding the society better, the kids will now know who does what and whom to approach for help when required.

We found that a better way to discuss the community helpers is to weave stories around their responsibilities and to visually explain each character using the figurines and playing with them on the neighbourhood map along with various ways in which you can generate a purposeful discussion on the various helpers and their roles in the community.

 In our product the “Neighbourhood Network” we have tried to explain this concept and pass on this knowledge in a fun and unique way with the help of story book, DIY activities, Characters and an Activity Map of the Neighbourhood. You can view our product here –

Enjoy playing with the community helpers!!

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