Benefits Of Teaching Budgeting At An Early Age By Shrishti Gupta

Why Everyone needs some Money Mania
For today's parent spending time with their children is all about quality and not quantity. Between our own hectic schedules , work , the house , social commitments and the children's endless birthday parties , classes , academics there's little time available to actually bond with your child. It's important to use that precious little to teach her what's important and at the same time make memories and have fun ( nothing is more important than that!) .Money Mania totally fits the bill for both!
Here are a few reasons why I love this box 
1. It's so much fun : The box has a game that you can play with your child or the child can play with his friends . The game seamlessly intertwines important money concepts like smart shopping, budgeting and responsible purchases and is suited for children as young as  age four and still manages to keep even the adult entertained
2. It beats being a nag ! How many times have you asked your child to help with dinner or brush their teeth or a hundred other things that he absolutely refuses to do ? Well Money Mania cleverly has created a responsibility- reward chart that allows you to choose jobs for which children will get rewarded. This way children are actually excited to do what you have been asking them to do and they don't hate you for it 
3. It's a conversation starter : Everybody in this world uses money and yet surprisingly no one teaches it. Parents  never teach money either but unrealisingly discuss money with their children in a negative light most of the time - " we have no money " or " that is so expensive". Money Mania opens the conversation of money the way it should be discussed- in a fun and abundant manner. The box rewards good work ethic , discusses concepts of saving spending sharing and even budgeting with a beautiful balance of value education by discussing the importance of sharing, charity and helping others . Now that's how you want your child to learn about money!
4. Its a powerpacked box : it's a book, it's a game , it's an activity sheet , it's a toy - there's just so much bang for your buck here that the box pays for itself. It's something that can keep your child occupied for hours on end and strikes the perfect balance between bonding time , play with other children and isolated activity time .
5. No more tantrums at the mall : This is the best part ! Children set their own goals , earn their own money and then decide how to spend it . If you don't want to squander your inheritance on a Nerf gun collection then letting the kids work hard to earn their own money is the only thing that can protect you from that deadly " but my best friend has it" kind of emotional warfare.
6. It's educational: last but definitely not the least. The box is armed with all kinds of lessons . Yes money is the central premise and a great one at that but the box also draws upon math , problem solving , value education,reading and other important skills. 
All in all its a great product and definitely something you should get your hands on . It's different from anything else in the market and though it may seem a bit overwhelming at first it is super engaging and keeps your child occupied for hours . Money is definitely something your child needs to learn about and this could be your first stem towards teaching her !

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