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The Story Merchants products are our go-to every time we need to get something for the kids - what we love about them is that they are so unique and they spark a conversation which leads to language development and a great deal of intellectual advancement. 

Mommy Neha

Money Mania has single-handedly changed my child Arhaan's life and mine as well. He has grasped an understanding of earning money, spending, saving and sharing and what is more - the rewards concept with real money (as per the Wishlist & Responsibility Chart) as well as the board game are such excellent tools and in my opinion a requirement for all moms to undertake to teach children a small bit of financial education. I have purchased this game as a gift to every mother who would appreciate the institution that it is. 

Mommy Mansi

When you open one of their products, and read the book and the brochure, you understand the level of thought that has been put into the creation of one such product. It is a deep analytical process that must have been employed to create games that on various levels enhance various skills. My boys at home love their products and each time there is a new launch, we need to order it right away. 

Mommy Ananta

"The storyboxes have truly captured our kids- we have all three and we thoroughly enjoy them as a mealtime companion as well as a family activity”

Mommy Pooja

“It’s like a story within a story! They imagine themselves as part of storyville and already have identified the characters they relate to. The stories are practical, simple yet engrossing and the storyville board is so elaborately detailed that it can only broaden their imagination”

Mommy to twins- Shivangi

“Shiven loves the Storyville storybox- he makes up fabulous stories and can play with it for a long time which is any mother’s dream come true when selecting a product”

Mommy Radhika

"My son absolutely loves Animal n Transport & Spin A Story! Its a puzzle, board game and bingo all rolled in one. Every product of The Story Merchants is a well thought out educational experience and we enjoy using them!”

Daddy Rahul

“My daughter loves the Storyville playmat and takes it out on her own and makes up stories using her cars and wooden characters. The concept is so unique and so creative. It really encourages independent thinking” 

Mommy Meeti

“My daughter LOVES Money Mania! It is such a treat that i can get her to do things around the house and what is amazing is that there are no more tantrums at the toy store - she works and earns money and buys what she wants! I would highly recommend this product to everyone!“

Mommy Neha


“People think that stories are shaped by people, but in fact it is the other way around”.

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